Many of the willows we grow here are suitable for Basketry. We also supply Living Willow rods.

  • Buff willow is natural green willow that has been processed by boiling in water and then removing the bark by stripping it through a machine.
  • Brown (or dried) willow is natural green willow that has been dried with its bark on.
  • Natural brown – dried willow that has been processed in the boiler for a short period of time.
  • Green willow means fresh/newly cut willow that is extremely flexible immediately without the need for soaking in water.
  • White Willow – Black Maul willow that has been stripped of its bark whilst in full leaf and still growing. Suitable for laundry baskets and Baby’s Cribs. Much sort after and must be pre ordered.
  • Living Willow – We select the highest quality and disease free rods that are suitable for you to plant for Live Willow projects such as Living willow domes and Willow Arbours. Only available from November – March.
  • Hurdle Willow – Long willow rods suitable for making hurdle fencing panels and for insitu fencing.
  • Machine Cut Willow – Unsorted willow bundles of various lengths.
  • As featured in THE GUARDIAN, our ‘WIGLOO’S ,Living Willow Igloos’ or Willow Dome and Tunnel Kits have been specially designed to provide an almost instant garden feature. We have also provided easy to follow instructions.
  • Hurdles should be erected by securing against 4″ square posts. The hurdles should be treated with either boiled linseed oil and traditional turps 50/50 or a good water base preservative to allow the hurdle to breathe and kinder on the environment.
  • High quality multi purpose Tissue paper useful for many craft projects.

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