Three Generations

Three Generations

Musgrove Willows was founded by Arthur ‘Sam’ Musgrove who started by cutting tree sticks for furniture back in the 1930’s.

Around this time willow growing was very popular for farmers on the Somerset levels, many farmers grew their willow then bought and sold it at local auctions. Arthur passed on his skills, knowledge and experience to his son Leslie, ‘Les’, and in turn passed on the family tradition to his son Michael, probably Somersets youngest grower, who now runs the business with his wife Ellen.


Michael calls upon over 65 years of specialised experience and knowledge, handed down to him by his father and grandfather. He now has nearly 60 acres of perfect willow growing land on the Somerset Levels, recently planting nine acres of fifty different varieties of willow. The resulting products can be seen in many different and unusual guises:

  • A 28 foot tall Pembrokeshire Otter
  • The giant Willow Man on the M5
  • On TV for ‘Tikkabilla’ and ‘Life On The Levels’

As well as being delivered to many places around the world, including:

  • Denmark
  • Germany 
  • United States 
  • New Zealand

Musgrove Willows is a member of the Basket Makers Association and Somerset Willow in Partnership (SWIP).

One Response to “About Musgrove Willows”

  1. Helen McNab Says:

    Hello Ellen, We are organising a gardens open weekend(19/20 September 2009) and I am trying to find a willow weaver to come and demonstrate – possibly allow some hands on for the visitors. The other crafts people are available only on the Saturday so that would be the preferable date. The event is trying to raise funds for our leaky church roof so there will not be a vast sum available to hire a demonstrator though we would, of course, pay them a fee, plus give them coffee, lunch and tea. They could also sell any of their work if they wished to. Do you know of anyone who might fit the bill? Many thanks for your time.
    Best wishes, Helen.

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