Great fun for the kids but not so good for cutting and drying willow.  I work in the office at Musgroves and have had to walk to work today in 4inches of snow which is unheard of for Westonzoyland! Thank goodness I am only 10 minuets away. The snow has made the farm look so pretty and we have been out taking photo’s. Mike and Jack Musgrove are in the boiling shed which although is warm by the boiler, is cold and wet once you step away. I dont envy them hauling the wet willow out of the boiler today. Ellen and I are tucked up nice and warm in the office and the other guys are in the sorting sheds with the big heaters going and all the doors shut tight. We are hoping TNT will make it down the lane for our deliveries today but who knows! Strangely, I am looking forward to my slippery walk home tonight-I hope I make it in one piece.