I must have jinxed us when I mentioned all the rain the last time I blogged! Is that a word? We can’t find some of our willow beds at the moment, we know where they are but they are completely submerged at Hay Moor and Curry Moor yet again. So we won’t be cutting willow up there for a long while until it dries out!  

So can you spot our withy bed!  Clue… ………………………..High Hedge.  

Flooded willow fields at Curry Moor


The withy bed is just to the right somewhere beyond the high hedge.  

Thankfully we don’t have all our withy beds in one ‘basket’ (sorry!, place) and we can at least cut willow on some of the other 60 acres we have dotted about the Levels and Moors.  

At this time of year , we are busy cutting, sorting and getting Living Willow orders ready. So if you are interested in a Living Willow Structure for a garden, school or public space, do get in touch.  

We have some tried and tested, very suitable varieties that are hardy, easy to plant and disease resistant. If you are unsure and need more information or have any queries or need advice on Living Willow then do give me a call and I will guide you to the most suitable willow for your requirements. The best time to plant your Living Willow structure is in the New Year from late January onwards until April, weather conditions permitting. Don’t plant in the snow or frost though, we are happy to hold your order and despatch when you are ready to plant.   

 An established living willow structure will need to be trimmed and maintained during these next few months while the structure is dormant so that you get the most out of your living willow feature. This will  help it to continue to flourish, keep its shape but not get too overgrown and unruly.  

We also can supply willow cuttings or setts,  as we call them , for you to plant your own willow bed. Again we can advise on the best willows suitable for the  particular project that you have in mind, whether it is for basketry or for fuel production in the longer term. Out of the 60 different varieties that we grow here at Musgrove Willows I’m sure we will find one that is suitable for you. Just incase I don’t blog again soon…  

Seasons Wishes from the team here at Musgrove Willows  

 and we hope that 2010 will be a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful one for all.