We thought we would do something a little bit different this week and a bit of fun for the children and the many adults that visit us here.  So we decided we were going to build a willow maze!

Not quite a big or as complicated as the one at Longleat but nevertheless an exciting project for us to build and one we hope you will find a little bit challenging to complete.  As it is day 1 of the big build,  we have completed the outer perimeter and have marked out all our internal passageways.

Not for your eyes that one yet!  

So far we have used over 30 wads of steamed hurdle willow just for the outside. Thats without the endless number of posts and scaffholding poles for added strength to weave around. Next we will be weaving the walls of the passageways , if the rain holds off we may get it finished this week, so keep your fingers crossed for a bit of dry weather.