Westonzoyland Year 6 pupils day out.
Westonzoyland Year 6 pupils day out.

As it was our daughter’s last year at Westonzoyland Primary School and we were taking part in Somerset Art Week, we thought it would be a good idea to invite her teachers and friends to weave insects and what ever they liked related to that from willow as an end of year project.  The school unfortunately a few years ago suffered an incident in which much of the past exhibits children had made were destroyed, so we thought after SAW weeks the school could have them back to exhibit and keep. The whole day was a great success but tiring!  They even enjoyed feeding the animals and having a run around outside as for once the sun was shining! 

We have received some fantastic thank you letters from  all the children

and from the Acting Headteacher Mrs Harris, who was delighted the children had an experience they nor the school will forget. 

The children’s letters are available to see in our Display area , their willow insects  will be on view during Somerset Arts Week  September 19th to October 4th , why not come along and have a look for yourselves, we would love to see you. 

 Not forgetting you can also feed the animals and run around in the sun if it is ever likely to shine!!